These aluminum and plastic housings are designed for receiving and mounting electronic or electromechanical components.
They come bare without internal equipment and without holes or cable glands.
Similar housings, equipped with temperature controls are presented elsewhere in this catalog (see Y3 series: Enclosures for immersion heaters) and in the catalog N °3 (Industrial control series Y6, Y7 and Y8)

1. Aluminum housings

1.1 There are 4 different surface finishes for these aluminum housings

– As cast, deburred: Last character of the reference = 0
– As cast, vibration deburred and polished: smooth finish. Last character of the reference = 7
– Sand blasted finish: excellent adhesion of epoxy paint (Last character ofthe reference = 1)
– Epoxy-gray RAL7035 painted: last character of the reference = G (other colors on request)


As Cast Vibration deburring and polishing Sand blasted Epoxy painting Ral 7035


2. Housings in Plastic

– Body: ADC12 Aluminum

– Transparent covers: Polycarbonate

– Opaque covers: Polycarbonate

– Covers with window: Frame in PA66, glass fiber reinforced, and polycarbonate window.
The technical specifications of these plastic materials are described in the technical introduction of the catalogue N°3 (Industrial controls)

Wiring harness services: If you wish to get control housings fully equipped and wired, please specify desired combinations, our wiring division (UL approved) is at your disposal.

Machining of housings: On request, we can drill these housings upon your requirements.


3. main products of the Y4 range

Y4A  Page 173 Y4B Page 173 Y4C Page 173
Aluminium box 64x84x104 mm Aluminium box 64x84x104 mm Aluminium box 64x84x104 mm  



Y4D Page 174 Y4E Page 175 Y4F Page 175
Aluminum box 40x86x175mm Aluminum-plastic box with transparent
polycarbonate cover 81x130x180mm
Aluminum-plastic box with black polycarbonate
cover 81x130x180mm


Y4G Page 175 Y4H Page 176
  Aluminum-plastic box with transparent
window in polycarbonate 95x130x180mm
Aluminum box 96x132x182mm