Stainless steel immersion heater or temperature sensor enclosure, Y3S3

– High lid
– Bottom side without hole, or with hole for orientable fitting with ring or internal nut
– Hole for M20 cable gland

Dimensions 90 × 90 × 75 mm
Ingress protection

Mechanical protection

Housing raw material


Fastener raw material

Volume (cm³)

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Red dimensions inside rectangular frames on drawings are used for accessories assembly.

Main features

Immersion heater or temperature sensor enclosure
– High lid
– Bottom side without hole, or with hole for orientable fitting with ring or internal nut
– Hole for M20 cable gland

Size: 90 x 90 x 75 mm

Volume: 392 cm³

Material: Stainless steel deep drawn cover and bottom.

Ingress protection: IP69K

Mechanical impact resistance: IK7

Screws: Stainless Steel.

Cover gasket: Molded Silicone.


Basic references



Internal bracket for inside adjustment thermostat


Silicone cap for thermostat adjustment hole


PA66, 6 way connection block


Brass fittings

Massive stainless steel fitting, for custom hole drilling  

Deep drawn stainless steel fitting







For full range and references of fittings, nuts and gaskets: immersion heater accessories. Available without holes or drilled upon request. Ask for references Available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 holes and M45 or 1″1/2 thread. Ask for references


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Technical informations associated to this product

  • Electrical protection classes

    The housings are designed to protect electrical equipment located inside. This protection must be considered in the electrical and environmental angles.)
  • Guide for immersion heater selection

    Figures provided in this section are results of tests made in our laboratory. Charts were smoothened by computer, and are given for specified power and for information only.
  • Overview of immersion heater fittings

    In Europe there are two common types of threads used on immersion heaters fittings. Threads according ISO 228-1, also said BSPP or cylindrical gas thread (G). 2mm pitch metric thread according ISO965-1, little used, which was the subject of an attempt to replace the ISO228-1 in the middle of the 20th
  • Surface engineering of metallic housing

    Surface condition is an essential parameter of resistance against atmospheric corrosion. Both aluminum and stainless steel naturally form a protective oxide layer on the surface. Corrosion occurs only when this protective oxide layer is crossed or destroyed. Microcavities of a rough surface allow atmospheric pollutants to initiate local oxidative conditions. This is particularly critical when these pollutants have a different galvanic potential. For example, iron or iron oxide dust can create favourable conditions for perforating corrosion in stainless steel, as well as zinc in the case of aluminum. It is important that the surface of the metal, if exposed to the weather, be smooth so that these pollutants slide and escape naturally.