Rod temperature control thermostat IP44

Housing: IP44, black PC-ABS, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance. 2 removable wall mounting lugs.

Housing raw material


Ingress protection

Contact Material

Electrical rating



Electrical life (cycles at rated value)

Measurement type

Sensing element

Differential (°C)

Setting adjustment


Rod length (mm)

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Rod raw material


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Enclosure Type Operation Contact Measurement Ranges °C Models
IP44 Control Mechanical SPDT Rod Y048

&   Y049





Housing: IP44, black PC-ABS, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance. 2 removable wall mounting lugs.

Cable input: One M20 cable gland.

Set point adjustment: By °C printed knob for external adjustment models, by screw driver and printed dial on internal adjustment models. °F values available as an option.

Sensing element: Liquid filled bulb, located inside a backside mounted pocket in 304L stainless steel or nickel plated brass.

Adjustment ranges: -35+35°C (-30+95°F), 4-40°C (40-105°F), 30-90°C (85-195°F), 30-110°C (90-230°F)

Rod length: 90, 230, 300 mm. Other length on request

Electrical connections: 3 screw terminal connection block

Mounting: by the ½” BSPT pocket fitting

Contact: SPDT

Electrical rating, resistive loads:

-Open on temperature rise contact (C-1) 16A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles,

20A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥ 50000 cycles,

10A 400V, 50 ~60Hz: ≥ 50000 cycles.

-Close on temperature rise contact (C-2) (C-2): 6A 250V 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles

Electrical rating, inductive loads:

-Open on temperature rise contact (C-1): 6A 250V, 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles

-Close on temperature rise contact (C-2):0.6A 250V 50 ~60Hz: >100000 cycles.

Minimum storage temperature: -35°C (-30°F)

Maximum ambient temperature: 60°C (140°F)

Option: Short plastic pocket for swimming pool applications

For more technical information see 8G thermostat technical data sheet

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Technical informations associated to this product

  • JPC Design concept of the Y0 types enclosures

    The design of the Y0 enclosures was made to provide a starting range with a particular selection of low cost solutions. The plastic used is PC-ABC compound, with or without fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Main properties of plastic raw materials used for enclosures

    The classic housings, with only 5 sides and a lid, require a long and costly layout, most of the time ignoring the application needs: security, fire resistance, water penetration, shocks, UV, temperature, etc.
  • Electrical protection classes

    The housings are designed to protect electrical equipment located inside. This protection must be considered in the electrical and environmental angles.)
  • Electrical contacts

    As numerous mechanisms exist, we decided not to distinguish on the basis of constructive technique, but according to their operation speed, which is the key element.