Rod thermostats, DPST and SPDT

Temperature control of liquid and gas, with DPST or SPDT contact

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Temperature adjustment range (°C)

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Applications: temperature control of liquid and gas, with DPST or SPDT contact

Sensing element: Bimetal rod, 304 stainless steel, dia. 9.5 mm, fast thermal response

Housing:  no  housing  in  this  model.

Standard temperature setting ranges: -10+130°C, 15-95°C, 25-165°C. Other temperature ranges on request.


  • Standard: 15°C with 200 mm rod, 10°C with 300 mm rod
  • Reduced: 3°C  with  200  mm  rod,  2°C  with  300  mm  rod

Set point adjustment: screw driver, with temperature printed dial

Mounting: inside pocket, locked by clips

Contact: DPNC or 1xNC + 1 x NO

Rating: standard differential  15(4)A, 250/400VAC

Reduced differential: 4(1)A 250VAC

Ambient temperature: -30+100°C on thermostat body, and Max dial temperature value+50°C on rod


Main references




  • High corrosion resistant rod thermostat IP66, IK10

    Temperature control for surface treatment or corrosive liquid baths, sea water environment, livestock premises.

  • Electronic rod thermostat temperature control IP66, IK10

    Applications -Equipment requesting a very strong resistance to water ingress. The transparent cover allows to visualize the set point and the 2 pilot lights Temperature control with reduced differential, on-off action, in usual industrial application and environment, not hazardous areas.  These electronic rod thermostats are installed inside pockets as immersion thermostats in pipelines and containers,…

  • Set point adjustable rod thermostat, IP44

    IP44 commercial housing with plastic pocket, for corrosive water and swimming pools.

  • rod thermostat temperature control IP65

    Applications These liquid expansion rod thermostats can be installed inside pockets as immersion thermostats in pipelines and containers, and for monitoring temperature in air ducts, in usual industrial applications and environments. (Not suitable for hazardous areas). -Internal adjustment is convenient for products that must not be frequently adjusted. -Insensibility to strong vibrations

Technical informations associated to this product

  • Description of temperature controls

    Used as control thermostats or as a safety thermostat with manual reset, these thermostats have a disc made of two different metals laminated together for temperature sensing element. These two metals have different expansion coefficients.
  • Thermostats installation

    The proper functioning of a thermostat depends primarily on the correct choice of the component, but also the conditions of its installation. Conditions used to calibrate regulating and control equipment in the factory are always ideal laboratory conditions, ensuring measurement accuracy and repeatability. These conditions are rarely those found in practice when installing thermostats. However, with a minimum of constraints, it is possible to optimize assemblies.
  • Electrical contacts

    As numerous mechanisms exist, we decided not to distinguish on the basis of constructive technique, but according to their operation speed, which is the key element.
  • Electrical protection classes

    The housings are designed to protect electrical equipment located inside. This protection must be considered in the electrical and environmental angles.)