3 pole control thermostats

Housing dimensions: 46 x 50 x 45mm

Bulb and capillary: stainless steel, capillary length 250mm or 1500 mm, 150 mm long PVC sleeve on capillary.

Electrical rating

Temperature adjustment range (°C)

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Capillary length (mm)


Bulb diameter (mm)


Bulb length (mm)

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Differential (°C)

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Max temperature on bulb (°C)

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Housing dimensions: 46 x 50 x 45mm (without terminals)

Bulb and capillary: stainless steel, capillary length 250mm or 1500 mm, 150 mm long PVC sleeve on capillary. Capillary minimum bending radius 5 mm.

Temperature sensing element: liquid filled bulb and capillary.

Terminals: 6.35 x 0.8 quick connect terminals .M4 screws also available on request.

Adjustment: Dia. 6 mm shaft with 4.6 mm flat, (other lengths or fixed setting available on request).

Mounting: Front bracket with 2 xM4 threads, 28 mm distance

Rating: 3 x 16A(4) 250VAC, 10A 400VAC

Contacts: 3 x ST with snap action contact,  3PDT available on request


Main references




  • Pigtail bulb room thermostat IP65

    Applications -Wall mounting for indoor or outdoor temperature control of cold rooms. -Temperature control of industrial or commercial premises. -Outdoor temperature control of antifreeze heaters. -Green houses and livestock stables temperature control.

  • Bulb and capillary thermostat IP44

    IP44, black PC-ABS, fiberglass reinforced, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance. 2 removable wall mounting lugs.

Technical informations associated to this product

  • Electrical contacts

    As numerous mechanisms exist, we decided not to distinguish on the basis of constructive technique, but according to their operation speed, which is the key element.
  • Description of temperature controls

    Used as control thermostats or as a safety thermostat with manual reset, these thermostats have a disc made of two different metals laminated together for temperature sensing element. These two metals have different expansion coefficients.
  • Electrical protection classes

    The housings are designed to protect electrical equipment located inside. This protection must be considered in the electrical and environmental angles.)
  • Thermostats installation

    The proper functioning of a thermostat depends primarily on the correct choice of the component, but also the conditions of its installation. Conditions used to calibrate regulating and control equipment in the factory are always ideal laboratory conditions, ensuring measurement accuracy and repeatability. These conditions are rarely those found in practice when installing thermostats. However, with a minimum of constraints, it is possible to optimize assemblies.