Paddle flow switches, reed switch contact, 1/2” male thread, extended paddle arm

Main uses: Cost effective simple flow switch developed for swimming pool application. For water flow detection on vertical dia. 63 mm water pipes, upstream flow


Flow sensing

Main housing material

Paddle material

Mounting position

Mounting type



Electrical rating

Ingress protection

Wire lengths (mm)

, ,

Maximum flow detection (L/min)

Minimum flow detection (L/min)

Nominal pressure at 20°C

Max operating temperature (°C)

Liquids temperature range (°C)

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Size and pressure Flow sensing:

Gravity pull back paddle


1/2” BSPP thread


Reed switch, Open on
flow rise

Electrical rating Mounting position Type





R1Y (1/2”BSPP)

1: Paddle

2: Body

3: Cable


R1E (1/2”NPT)

1: Paddle

2: Body

3: Cable

Main uses: Cost effective simple flow switch developed for swimming pool application. For water flow detection on vertical dia. 63 mm water pipes, upstream flow.

Functional principle:

Balanced magnetic paddle mounted perpendicular to the flow and activating a reed switch through the wall. The return of the paddle is by gravity, without spring. No seal or liquid can pass between the piping system and the electrical contact. No metal parts (shaft, spring) in contact with the liquid. Suitable for corrosive water pools and spas and salination chlorination and bromination systems. Not to be used for water containing magnetic particles or high viscosity liquids, which block the movement of the paddle.

Main housing material: Polypropylene, resistant to ozone and water disinfection products, usable with potable water.

Paddle: Polypropylene, 17 mm width

Paddle shaft: Polypropylene

Electrical rating: Max 1A, Max 70W, Max 250V, resistive load. Use on inductive circuits reduces electrical rating. We recommend to protect the reed switch with contact protection device when used in inductive loads

Electric contact type: Normally close, open by flow rise

Liquids compatibility: For use with clean water and liquids without magnetic particles and without chemical incompatibility with polypropylene

Nominal pressure at 20°C: 1MPa (PN10)

Assembly on pipes:





Average Flow detection values vs pipe I.D. and paddle length (Liters/min)


Paddle length

Pipe ID (mm)***

*Close **Open
1 33 38
** Open by flow rise (L/min) of contact close at no flow position * Close by flow decrease (L/min) of contact close at no flow position. Average values for indication only. Standard tolerances ±30%

Nominal diameter: Can be used on 55 to 63 mm internal diameter pipes. The paddle is not cleavable.

Mandatory mounting position: On vertical pipes, with horizontal flow switch axis, and paddle upside. Upstream flow only.

Water pipe connection: On female ½” fitting. On the type with BSPP thread, a NBR gasket is supplied with the product. On the type with NPT thread, thread sealant must be used. Recommended torque: 7 Nm

Liquids temperature range: 5 to 80°C

Ambient temperature range: 5 to 50°C

Ingress protection: IP65

Electrical connection: 2 x AWG24 (0.2mm²) cable, PVC insulation, T80°, style UL2464.

Installation instructions:

  • Check carefully the paddle orientation: The arrow on housing must be exactly parallel to the pipe
  • A 5 mm minimum gap must be respected between end of the paddle and tube wall opposite to the
  • We recommend the use of nozzles of length less than or equal to 18mm between the gasket seat and the inside of the tube and with an inner diameter greater than or equal to 20 mm, to avoid blocking of the

Accessories: 1/2” PVC saddles for DN40 to DN100 (OD) PVC pipes, and other fittings: see last section of this catalogue

Options: cable with connector or terminals, other cable length

Main references

Cable length
Thread 500mm 1m 2m
½” BSPP R1Y622768F45P050 R1Y622768F45P100 R1Y622768F45P200
 ½” NPT R1E622768F45P050 R1E622768F45P100 R1E622768F45P200


Technical specifications sheet