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Product High stop Temperature (°C)

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  • Air buttons

    Use: Remote operation of air switches. This pneumatic switching technology safely isolates the user from the electrical current. The air transmitters provide the pulse air pressure needed to operate a remote air switch Typical applications: Spas , swimming pools, electrical equipment remote operating of electrical devices on/off including motors, lights, pumps, air blowers, or other…

  • Din rail mounting miniature humidistat for electrical cabinets

    Main Application: condensation in electrical enclosures and cabinets can be critical for electrical components and safety. This humidistat is designed to switch on a heater or a ventilating fan when the relative humidity raises at dangerous levels, when there is a risk to reach the dew point usually around 65%.

  • Room humidistat and thermostat combination, wall mounting, for swimming pools areas and air conditioning

    Main Application: This device is a combination of a humidistat and a room thermostat. It is especially suited for use in air conditioning control of indoor swimming-pool halls.His aesthetics and small size housing (122x70x31mm) allows mounting in most of these applications, but must be protected from splashing water, and used only in ambient air free…

  • Wall mounting miniature humidistat

    This humidistat is designed for indoor application to switch on a heater or a ventilating fan It can also be used to switch on humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or other devices.